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Unique insight through X-ray

Moelven Våler is the first sawmill in Norway to use X-ray technology to examine the timber. This ensures that every log is used for what it is best suited for.

“Thanks to X-ray technology, we reduce waste and to exploit the natural resource to the greatest possible extent. It’s sustainability in practice,” says director Knut Berg with Moelven Våler AS at Braskereidfoss.

I December 2018 the new timber sorting line at Moelven Våler was put into operation. The company thus became the first sawmill in Norway with X-ray scanning and a 3D frame. This provides unique insight into what lies beneath the bark.

Manages the natural resource optimally

“We are probably the sawmill that knows its timber best in Norway, and this allows us to saw the timber into what it is best suited for. Nature provides us with logs with different qualities, and the more we know about each individual log, the better we can optimise the use of it,” Berg explains.

X-ray scanning provides the sawmill with information on the location and size of knots, the proportion of heartwood and the density of the log. This is information that is used to sort the logs, such that the timber is exploited in the best possible manner in further processing.

“This technology boost responds to our ambitions of increasing profitability through more efficient operations, and that we manage our natural resource with the respect it deserves,” Berg says.

NOK 58 million investment

The investment at Moelven Våler has a scope of NOK 58 million, and has been supported by Innovation Norway. Norwegian Wood Cluster has also been involved in the project.

“It is of course a source of pride to be the first in Norway with this kind of modernisation. In 2019 the sawmill will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and this is an investment that sets a new standard for sawmills for decades to come,” Berg says.

Partner Innovation Norway emphasises Moelven Våler as a pioneer in the wood industry.

“Here Moelven clearly demonstrates that they are paving the way in modernising and developing the industry with specific solutions. This project has an important sustainability aspect, while also strengthening value creation from Norwegian renewable resources,” says consultant Per Ottar Walderhaug from Innovation Norway.